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  Pressure gauge, showing cuff pressure at all times. Pressure can be pre-set prior to inflation or be altered any time
   during surgery, providing the facility to restore partial or full circulation to the limb.

  Simple on/off pressure check switch controlling inflation deflation and pressure check of the cuffs.

  Supply indicator showing integrity of supply.

  Dual automatic elapsed timers to allow individual recording of inflation time for both cuffs. The elapsed time is stored
   until the next inflation to prevent accidental loss of elapsed time.

  Powered by either pipeline or cylinders.

  Maximum pressure device, preventing the operator from selecting a pressure higher than 600mm Hg and preventing
   excessive pressure.

  Supply monitor, shutting down the machine but still maintaining cuff pressure should the gas supply be exhausted or
    interrupted during use.

  Ability to keep the cuff inflated at all times should a leak occur, of up to 8 ltrs per minute in the cuff or cuff supply tube.

  Bilateral, enabling two cuffs to be operated simultaneously but independent of each other; ideal for block anaesthesia.

  It comes complete with equipment tray, castored stand, dual timers, and a full set of standard cuffs 30cm, 45cm, 60cm,
   and 85cm.
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