ST1 MK2 Tourniquet <Back

  Designed and built within the UK by Oak Medical Services Ltd the ST1 MK2 is a unique single self compensating
   Tourniquet machine. Operating from either piped or cylinder facilities. The ST1 MK2 is economical and easy to use.

  Pressure gauge showing cuff pressure at all times. Pressure can be pre-set prior to inflation or be altered any time
   during surgery, providing the facility to restore partial or full circulation to the limb.

  Automatic self compensation, maintaining pre-set pressure. Actual cuff pressure will remain constant should the limb
   be manipulated, muscle spasm occur or external stimuli be applied to the limb.

  Simple on/off pressure check switch controlling inflation deflation and pressure check of the cuffs.

  Ability to use lower pressure which is closer to the systolic pressure without fear of bleeding.

  Automatic elapsed timer to allow recording of inflation time. The elapsed time is stored until the next inflation to prevent        accidental loss of elapsed time.
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