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A premium disposable tourniquet cuff system – They cannot be reused!

Have you experienced:
  Disposable cuffs being re-used? WHO’S RESPONSABLE?
  Dirty stained reusable Tourniquet Cuffs?
  Reusable tourniquet Cuff velcro fasteners impeaded by dirty vel band fibres?
  Missing or perished cuff 'O' rings?
  Aged & perished reusable tourniquet cuffs?
  Difficulty finding time & man power to scrub and wash reusable tourniquet cuffs after every list?

If the answer is YES to any of the above then try the “Dispozee-Cuff” by Oak Medical Services Ltd.

  Full range of sizes available.
  Colour coded for easy size recognition.
  Adhesive fastener - so sleeve cannot be re-used, cut off after procedure.
  Extra bladder packs available.
  Ordered stock can be held and distributed.
  Free Tourniquet Machines available on contract basis (*).


  85cm wide
  Biers block in all above sizes

Accessories Available


Oak Medical Services designed this tourniquet cuff for the exact reason that it looks disposable unlike other cuffs on the market.
And in that we designed and manufactured the product so that it looked and felt like a disposable product however its performance is second to non, and by no means can be used more than once.
This we feel is of upmost importance!

For more information about the Dispozee Cuff please .

* Terms and Conditions Apply, Tourniquet Machines are provided on annual Contract basis Free of Charge whilst agreed   amount of Dispozee Cuffs are purchased from Oak Medical Services on call off order basis. Please for full details.
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