The Oak Medical Service Centre is staffed and equipped to provide advice and assistance during normal office hours 9am to 5pm. To avoid delays when making enquires, please quote the model number and catalogue number of your tourniquet. We can advise on any make of tourniquet. Oak Medical Services also offer In-Hospital servicing facilities for regular maintenance, or for emergency repairs, both on a contract basis.
Maintenance contracts and call out repairs are available upon request at service centre.

Online Customer Support and Service Software
Oak Medical Services have made a considerable investment in ensuring their systems can easily publish service records and customer order information in a secure area on the internet. If you think this maybe of interest please contact us so one of our representatives can give you a full demo of our click software.
You will then be able to log directly into the customer accounts and review machine details and service status.

Custom Built Tourniquet Machines and Accessories
We have designed and built customised equipment for several different companies. We can give full design and quotations if requested using your specifications for example a range of colours, labelling and engraving. Also mounting brackets and stands are available. If you wish to have a design quotation package constructed please contact us with your specifications.
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