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New improved design now also covers the cuff for all round protection.

  Free tourniquest machines available (see terms and conditions below).

  Now available - elbow connection allows easier application of prevee prep.

  Designed as an easy way to help prevent the migration of preparation solutions.

  Due to the yielding qualities of the material peripheral pressure is kept to a minimum.

  In response to MDA Safety Notice: Surgical Tourniquet cuff MDA SN (26).

  Available in a range of sizes.

  Supplied in boxes of 100.

  Latex free.


  Manufactured in UK by Oak Medical Services Ltd.

  Correct clinical practice on application recommends that the Tourniquet cuff be applied first, then to use a U-drape or
   similar device to act as a membrane to drape the cuff and only then should a skin preparation solution be applied.

  Oak Medical Services Ltd now manufactures the Prevee-Prep which will help prevent the migration of prep solutions.

  Each Prevee-Prep has limb size guide measurements attached.

* Terms and Conditions Apply, Tourniquet Machines are provided on annual Contract basis Free of Charge whilst agreed amount of Dispozee Cuffs are purchased from Oak Medical Services on call off order basis. Please for full details.
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