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Oak Medical Services ltd can reveal an affordable disposable tourniquet cuff system designed to combat cross infection and fit the budget!

Have you experienced:
  Disposable cuffs being re-used? WHO’S RESPONSABLE?
  A busy theatre with a budget that cannot streach to a disposable cuff system?
  Dirty stained reusable Tourniquet Cuffs?
  Reusable tourniquet Cuff velcro fasteners impeaded by dirty vel band fibres?
  Missing or perished cuff O’rings?
  Aged & perished reusable tourniquet cuffs?
  Difficulty finding time & man power to scrub and wash reusable tourniquet cuffs after every list?

If the answer is YES to any of the above then try the “Ezee-Sleve” by Oak Medical Services Ltd

  50 disposable outers with a 50 use bladder
  Designed and priced to fit the tight budget
  Full range of sizes available.
  Colour coded for easy size recognition.
  Adhesive fastener - sleeve cannot be re-used, cut off after procedure.
  Orderd stock can be held and distributed.

  85cm wide

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