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A 10 use only tourniquet cuff designed to save time, man power & eliminate cleaning at the end of the list.

Have you experienced:
  A busy theatre with a budget that cannot stretch to a disposable cuff system?
  Dirty stained Tourniquet Cuffs?
  Cuff Velcro impeded by dirty vel band fibres?
  Missing or perished cuff O'rings?
  Aged & perished cuffs?
  Difficulty finding time & man power to scrub and wash tourniquet cuffs after every list?

If the answer is YES to any of the above then try the “List –Cuff” by Oak Medical Services Ltd.

Use the cuff ten times and discard, track each use with the aid of a tear off tag or strike through patch.

  100 procedures per box of ten cuffs.

  Available in all sizes including narrow, conical and biers block ranges.
  Choose from tear off or strike through usage tracker tags.
  Discount available on call off / bulk orders.
  Ordered stock can be held and distributed.

  85cm wide
  Conical in all above sizes (not wide)
  Biers block in all above sizes

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